Happy Mother’s Day

John Leo set up this blog for me for Mother’s Day (he was the one who set up the web site for the Edison Literary Review – www.edisonliteraryreview.org). Ok, so now I have a new play toy – we’ll see if I can remember (or find the energy) to keep up the entries. I have succeeded in maneuvering through to find the Post site – so this may turn out to be fun.

Since I am technically challenged (and have much trouble reading from the screen) this will be an experience for the writer and the reader.

FYI I will be reading at the Middletown Library (for the Last Thursday Series) on May 29 and in August for the Quick and Dirty series “Hot and Sticky”. The winners of the Edison Arts Society Middle and High School Poetry Contest will be reading at Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Menlo Park on Tuesday, May 22.

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2 Comments on “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Gloria Healy Says:

    Weldome to the blog world! My life has chnged since i learned to blog–I do it mornign, nonn, and night..it’s addictive! Love your blog!
    Gloria Healy

  2. John Larkin Says:

    Good luck on your reading!

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