Ok – John Leo gave me a crash course in widgets – actually, not a course – I watched and clicked when told to and now I can post entries again.  It is very difficult to be in a generation that is being inducted into the cyberage at a very advanced chronological age.  I watch my little grandchildren (even this is a total cliche already) click and move around and learn to read by  watching the screen and “playing” with webkins. They are so used to it; they take it all for granted and for me – supposedly older and wiser – it is all  a hazy mystery.  I can use the word processor – most of the time – and used to be able to save my poems on a floppy. Now we have a flash memory and I still haven’t made the list (the gyp notes) of what to do and when to do it and in what order so that I can save the poems now.  Already,  in this lifetime, I’ve learned to use the computer – but things keep changing. This is supposed to take generations (Mother had a land line, I have a cell phone – albeit I don’t know the number) but it is happening almost daily. I’m pretty sure there is a poem in here – but I’m afraid it would be a rant against the march of time (another cliche).

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6 Comments on “Widgets”

  1. Hi Gina,
    If Carl Sandurg were still alive, do you think he’d be writing about the “blog” instead of the “fog”?

    Congrats on your blog!! Like you, I’m resistant to technology, but it is fun when someone shows you how, even if it’s a five year-old.

    Another question – If you kiss your blog, will it turn into a prince, or a blintz? Shirley

  2. Gloria Healy Says:

    At least you have a cell phone -(though you don’t know the number)-and you also have grandchildren-(I hope you know their names)! I have neither–allI have is a cat who fetches and will hopefylly be on Letterman soon..my claim to fame!
    Gloria Healy

  3. Tony Says:

    Clicked? I thought it was called “pucking” a mouse in Ginaspeak? I am now getting chastised for plagiarizing that last line. Anyway, congratulations on the blog!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Ok, so he stole my line. You are the coolest! And light years beyond me in cyber-experience. I look forward to thrilling future installments!

  5. Cousin Kathy Says:

    Oh, Lord………..what is the world coming to?? We old folks are in the computer age!! If anyone would have told me that I would do my banking on a computer I would have said he was crazy. In fact when I was growing up, I would have asked “What is a computer?”
    You need to increase the size of print in the comment area. I can hardly read what I typed!! Hope your blog is a great success……………….

  6. Tony Says:

    Hmmmm…trying this again. We commented yesterday and it doesn’t seem to show up. Anyway, we note that you use the word click in reference to the mouse, not “puck”, which is common usage in Ginaspeak.

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