One Person’s Click…

I wrote to my son: “How do I get on a blog?” Made sense to me. He wrote: “If you want to read a blog – just click, if you want to write a blog – ask your son.”  Now I have one.  (Although at the time, I really did just want to read blogs – which I now can do).

Went to a dinner dance on Saturday and was telling the tale to the guy sitting next to me – got to the part about “get on…” and he said it depends on whether you want to read a blog or write a blog.  Computer people speak a tongue we technically challanged are unaccustomed to.

Apparently one must learn the language – just pushing the on button(s) and typing isn’t enough.  For example: when you push the button on the mouse, you “click”. I think it “pucks”. Listen for yourself…hear? that was not a click. It was a puck.  My calling it “pucking” drove my very computer brilliant son bonkers.  My friends call it a “Ginaism”. My husband learned to live with it – he understands my idiosyncrasies when it comes to language – he would tell me about integrated circuits and call them “cockroaches” because that’s what they look like – to me.

So: “select” is not black out

      “close” is not x out

      “write” is not email (go back up and correct the mail mentions above for yourselves if you are as easily bugged as my son)

I will never straighten out “files”, “directories” and a couple more terms I can’t even remember – or have blocked out. 

Speaking of language, I am listed as the “editor” of the Edison Literary Review – and I am.  But if the editor is the person(s) responsible for seeing that a magazine goes from a sheaf of snail mail papers and electronic submissions (got all those terms right, I think) to the publication you can hold and read – then Tony Gruenewald and John Larkin are certainly editors. They do all the nitty gritty back page work – and brilliantly, may I add. Look through a copy of ELR and see for yourself.

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4 Comments on “One Person’s Click…”

  1. Jessica de K Says:

    Well it took me all this time just to find you.

  2. Gina! John sent Tom your blog address, and he forwarded it to me. Nice to see you’ve landed in the 21st century! Now … when are you going to post some poetry?

  3. The son Says:

    I’m not nearly as “buggable” as she makes me out to be. It really annoys me when she says stuff like that.

  4. Gloria Says:

    Hi Gina,
    You were much too miodest about the Middletown Library reading. JC, Wes amf you were a fantastic blend and I’ve reeceived more e-mails re this reading than any other! Plus I have e-mails from JC and Wes saying how much they enjoyed reading with one another. Thank you for a delightful evening and thanks for coming to every reading! e need more fans like you…and John!

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