Thank You

I have always known that poets are special people – but I guess I never realized how really special they are!!!!!! So many  of you have taken the time and effort to encourage and support the continuation of the magazine.  It has been my PROJECT for the last 7 years and it did seem to be taking off – only because you were willing to take a chance on us and have so generously  shared your poems with us. The next issue – which I hope will be out this summer with some title new or old – is filled with poets both familiar and new. I have always done this to  create an outlet for the many great writers that need a place to share their work – and it has been so much fun to bring you new work by poets you know and the chance to hear some new voices.

Tony has been a godsend! Not just in the technical knowledge and expertise he brought to us, but with his enthusiasm and extraordinary writing talent. Not to mention the calmness and logical focus and direction both he and John bring .

Again, Thank you all for your support – believe me I would have erupted off into the ether if you all had not been here!!

PS I just realized that no but me could read the comments until I pucked (clicked) on some stuff.  JP just told me tonight and John Leo is in Hawaii and it was something he forgot to tell me in his tutorial (see previous post).  I still do not know to how to answer a comment unless I email the author.

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3 Comments on “Thank You”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I can’t wait to see the next/first issue of whatever it is called. I know it will be full of terrific poetry- as always.

  2. njbarefootpoet Says:


    Y ou are the heart and soul, mama. Your dedication, talent, professionalism, enthusiam, guts and moxy all speak for themselves. Everyone will follow you to the next good thing.

    I turned a corner in Mount Holly tonight, and there were John and Gina. A better sight I couldn’t imagine. I love you both. Don’t let the turkeys…. you know.


  3. Gloria Healy Says:

    Hi Gina,
    Love your blog and love you too! Will love you ebn more if you all about yur reading in Middletown in April,,this April! with Frank Finale!

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