I Tweet (Honest)

Ok – did it again – asked my son what treo and twitter meant (I wanted to be ahead of John McCain – see article in the August 3 NY Times) and he called to say I could now twitter (edisonliterary.com)!! And I did!! Since the first thing you see on that page is a definition of twittering and JL then explained it to me – I now know how – although I forget what you do after you get to that twitter page – and I even did tweet, honest.

If you’re not yet on Twitter, you probably have a jump on McCain so go visit www.twitter.com. Then follow our us at www.twitter.com/edisonliterary.

We are free to publish the ELR – have permission to use the title as soon as I sign a waiver. However, when the papers came through, they had spelled my name wrong and the lawyer is on vacation until the middle of August. And so the saga is continuing. We have sent Volume 7 to the printer and it should be back soon.

FYI: I will be reading for the Quick and Dirty Poets at the Daily Grind in Mt. Holly on August 15 at 7PM – Come down if you can, it is a really nice reading and you will hear some VERY good poets!!

Load the event into your calendar.

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