Issue 7 of the Edison Literary Review is now available. Lots of hurdles getting this one out – but it is here!!!Check the web site ( for details and to order your copy. We will have copies at many of the upcoming local readings – DVP (9/8), Barron’s(9/10), Carriage House (9/16), etc. It will also be in the Book Tent at Dodge Festival (9/26 & 27) if that is more convenient. As usual there are lots of good poets in this one:Mark Brunetti, George Drew, Anna Evans, Tony Gruenewald, Betty Lies, Tom Plante, David Vincenti – and so many others you know and enjoy.  After all the struggles – a really good issue. Thanks again to so many of you for encouraging and supporting us.

It is Dodge time again – and back at Waterloo, Yea!  We are going up on Thursday (and staying up there for the four days). I still like the two days with the kids best – the poets seem somehow different, more approachable and helpful with the students there – or maybe I just miss the classroom – not often, just every few years. I will miss  going into the schools for  the Poetry in the Classroom series I did for the Art Society the past 5 years or so. Time to come up with something new.

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One Comment on “ISSUE 7”

  1. Laurie Granieri Says:

    Hey, I am loving the blog. I think you should go into the schools on your own. Don’t you
    think they know you well enough by now? Tammy P. and I are planning to get to Dodge
    on 9/27. We’ll stop by your booth!


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