Now I am on Facebook and I did it (almost) by myself!!  Again, it is so much fun!

There was an article in the Times Magazine last week (“I’m So Totally Digitally Close to You”  by Clive Thompson) lots of info about the whole field of study re the Internet and society – who knew that Harvard has a whole department for this- although it does make sense. Now I have to read some more – and I don’t know when one has time to read and also write for blog, twitter, facebook and not just repeat the same thing over and over!! (Look at Diane Lockward’s various sites and see how she manages to pull it off – WELL!). Remember I am a poet – there does not seem to be any time left for that – Good Grief!  This is one time when I wish I had many more years to live – I guess we’ll have to wait and see about that.

The magazine is doing really well – thanks to all of you who purchased it and ordered subscriptions!!! We will be selling it at the book tent at Dodge – and  then only have a few left.  Wow! This really feels wonderful! The next issue (due out in Fall 2009) is filling up fast, but there is still some room so send me a poem if you can. See website: for how to’s.

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One Comment on “MAY BE OVERKILL”

  1. When does Gina Larkin get more Google hits than Paris Hilton or Sarah Palin?

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