Spent weekend at Dodge Festival – WOW!!  So many old friends and familiar faces – and lots of new voices.  Check out Chris Abani’s work – great!! If you don’t know the work pf Patti Smith, you should really try to read some, she was very exciting.  Joe Weil, Kate Greenstreet and Betty LIes all read from their new books. See web site ( for photos of the event and of some of the attending poets who have been featured in ELR over the past 7 years. I also added three new poems from the magazine – including one of mine.

Dodge Foundation is starting a youtube site where you can see and hear poets from the festival. They are hoping this becomes a major site for research on contemporary poets for teachers. Check it out or see the Dodge web site (

It was another wonderful festival.  Even three days of rain conuldn’t dampen the fun. Much thanks to JIm Haba (this festival is his baby) and to the Dodge Foundation for supporting and fostering the community of poetry.

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One Comment on “DODGE FESTIVAL”

  1. Hi Gina, Just wanted to let you know re: your wonderful Dodge Festival photos, I’m the unidentified woman speaking with J.C. Todd. On Saturday, September 27th, I shared a tent, a microphone and the hour with Madeline Tiger and Ravi Shankar. Thank you for the lovely memories of a festival that sadly now seems destined to be another casualty of the economic crisis. ~Skye Van Saun

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