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Monday, January 12 at 7:30 

Delaware Valley Poets

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Market Fair, Route 1 south, Princeton

     My son has politely pointed out that I have not added anything to the Blog in three months.  He is right – as he usually is. Does that it is the Season to be Jolly or that I’ve been busy, cut it?  Probably not. I did travel to San Francisco to visit aforementioned son, mailed out all my Christmas cards before Thanksgiving (don’t ask, I think the world will end if my cards go out in December), decorated the house – it is all even bluer with splashes of  red and all sparkly, threw a party for 30, had two Christmases because one daughter was working and the cousins all wanted to see each other. I really was busy. Now it’s time to take it all down – so before Christmas is neatly thrown into various plastic bins in the crawl space and the 100+ nutcrackers (again don’t ask) are hibernating for another year:

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

     Being busy doesn’t preclude random thoughts and that is what I have decided to offer here today.  I guess I haven’t read enough blogs so I’m not sure if this is the place for “musing”.  On a blog can you ask and not really “show” or “tell”?  Can it be a “free write” exercise – never lift fingers from keys? An escape to the right brain trick? A place for  “ing”/ “maybe”/generalizations/ modifiers/adjectives?  Is a Blog tied to info or a place where ideas meet and meld and search for a space to moor?  Is questioning too scientific/sensitive for youtube escapism?

     Someone told me that he will only read the postings if they are witty or super clever.  One line, online solutions to core questions? Is there a difference among youtube/facebook/ twitter/blog – they are all aspects of what an individual is willing for you, the reader, to see (and judge); the shorthand evasion of sharing anything more thought inducing than my latest Pathword score compared to yours. Or are they the beginning, as the printing press was – the next vehicle for desiminating philosophy and scientific theory – the new way to “spread the word” sandals not needed.

     I guess I need to think about it more – and maybe read a few more blogs.  Comments gratfully accepted and wanted.

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  1. Blogs are all the things you suggest and more! I know people are who are vehemently pro-blog for their ability to be spontaneous and unconstrained (“free writes”) and some who are opposed to them for the exact same reasons. Like poetry, fighting in hockey, high fructose corn syrup, and everything else in the world, there’s good and bad in blogs.

    I won’t be able to make it to your reading on the 12th. Break a leg!

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