I had one response to the last blog entry who agreed with me that this is a place for musing.  So – I will.

I love books. I still have my Nancy Drew books and my Mother’s copy of Lorna Doone (which was published early in the last century). I print a hard copy of anything sent to me online if I have to study it or need to refer back to it. Part of this is my eyesight (can’t see anything “far” away) and part is habit – I like the feel of paper in my hands. If I post a poem today, or a link to a poem today, unlike Lorna, it’s gone tomorrow – at least from the screen. I have to ‘click”  around to search for it (or use the Help which is only “helpful” if you already know the answer so you can click on the right line). I know that online vs print is not an either/or, nor is it a final answer; both are usable, sometimes user friendly – either changes the carbon footprint.

I love and have been published in several online mags. They certainly are seen by large numbers of readers. Imagine seeing a poem of yours on Poetry Daily?  A WOW moment!!  So, as I ended the last entry with realizing that I need to look at more blogs, so I must look at more ezines.

Why does my musing seem to lead to more for me to do??

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One Comment on “BOOKS”

  1. Laurie Granieri Says:

    How was Cape May? Did you happen to see Karen Z. Duffy there? She’s a great poet from AC. I met her in Vt. Hope you are doing well!

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