I have thrown tantrums over a telephone in unbalanced contrariness. I am terrorized by a missing battery bar on the cell and by texting (no lol). I have raised my blood pressure 100 points over a scale that lies. My computer from 2004 is an antique – no one supports them and so I live with the error message holding my poems captive.  I have a VCR  bought last week – yes they still sell them.

I am a 20th century girl – machines defeat me simply by existing (and they do have existence).

Understand, then, my consternation last night when the aforementioned one week old VCR turned on/off/on/off – by itself – all night.  Into 3 AM darkness flashed red-green-yellow lights – on/off – with no discernable patterns. Chaos theory swamps my beautiful Periodic Table.  It was the clicking that woke me first, a horde of restless beetles set up housekeeping in the corner of the bedroom. John’s snoring could not drown them out.

Automation fights me.

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