Lots of Stuff

     Okay – been a while. I don’t know why I don’t get here and update the post. It is fun and I love the comments, but somehow it  is always too late or I am too tired or just life…

     I have been doing the poem-a-day for National Poetry Month. I think I like prompts – they do push me to write – but I am struggling. It really took until about half way through before I was writing anything even save-able. There are a couple I will keep working on.  I am going to read a couple of them when I read at Middletown (Last Thursday reading at the Middletown Library).  We’ll see what kind of response they get.  

     Another new electronic thing—–my son is updating the web site (edisonliteraryreview.org) to web 2.0. Don’t ask, I have only a vague idea, but sounds and looks good. He will be doing this update over the weekend, so I will get back to you with the results. I am looking forward to it, I do like new things.

     This weekend we are going to my 50th College (St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn) reunion. I’ve only been to one of the alumnae luncheons in the past 50 years – so this will be interesting. This makes me feel older than my Golden Anniversary. Somehow I did not think I was very young when I got married (which was before I graduated from college since I finished college in 3 1/2 years) but I thought I was very young in college – therefore 50 years later makes me feel OLD.  Just think about it, it does make sense after a little thought.  Will report back next week.

     This is the second time I said I would write again next week – we’ll see – any bets??

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One Comment on “Lots of Stuff”

  1. I’ve got ten bucks on “a great time at the reunion” and ten on “a warm response to the new poems at Middletown”, but are you giving odds on “post again before April 29?”

    Aah, just kidding. Twenty on your next post. Who’s got me covered?

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