Ok, all you who bet I’d be back in a week – you lose!!! But do I ever have the excuse of all excuses! Went to NYC for the reunion (which was great at least during the couple of hours I got to spend there). The night before, we went to dinner in a great little French restaurant and John said he had chest pain – this is not good since the angioplasty is barely two months old! He finally stopped saying “I’m fine” and let the nice men take him in the ambulance to Roosevelt Hospital. They found that he had a gall stone, was septic, infection everywhere, jaundice, couldn’t do surgery because of the blood thinners he still used after the angioplasty. FYI:  scenes in an emergency room beat any tv show ever made – this city does have a million stories (and  I suppose poems) and they all play out in the early morning hours of a Saturday in the ER !

    They finally took John to a room and sent me to the hotel around 5AM. Did make the reunion luncheon, in between phone calls to and from hospital. After 50 years, college girls – even the best of us – are, shall we say, older – yet somehow the same .  Many of them I would have known if I saw them on the street.

    They all went home – I went to the hospital. Monday they put a stent on the stone that was blocking a duct. It was a tricky procedure and several times it was touch and go – doctor said he almost lost him at one point. Spent rest of the week clearing up the infections, getting the blood counts where they belonged, renal functions functioning. Lots of doctors – seldom saw the same one twice which made continuity of information impossible and occasionally not too logical!

    We had driven into the city! I do NOT drive in the city! Our oldest daughter drove the car back to New Jersey and both the girls were there almost every day which was quite wonderful for me!!  John was discharged on Friday – one week after he had gone in – and we came home today.  It really is good to be home.  Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes and prayers – they were much appreciated. 

    Told you I had a good excuse!! 

    I was sorry I had to  miss the Last Thursday reading – but John is reading next month (with Tony Gruenewald, Bob Rosenbloom and Bob McKinty) so maybe you can catch him then. Also check out Diane Lockward’s blog for information about the Magazine Festival on May 17 at West Caldwell Library for 1 to 5.  Really great readers. Edison Literary Review will be having Stacey Balkun and Zach Lichtmann read for us.  If you want to try the bet thing again, I hope to post more about them and the Festival itself next week.

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One Comment on “DIDN’T I DO THIS ALREADY?”

  1. Laurie Granieri Says:

    Gina! What a story. Thinking of and praying for you and John. Write this out!

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