Hope we will see you all at the Magazine Festival on Sunday, May 17 at the West Caldwell Library from 1 to 5.  So many fine magazines to  look at and to buy and editors to talk to. It is always a wonderful event with time to see old friends and to make some new ones. Check Diane Lockward’s blog for more details.

    We have two readers for ELR who may  be new to you:

           Stacey Balkun, a new Rutgers grad, that I first met 4 years ago when she placed first in a contest we were running.

         Zach Lichtmann a young teacher I heard read at a poetry party last year.

Both are fine poets and you should enjoy their work as well as all the other poets who will be reading on Sunday.

     John is feeling better – thank you all for your prayers and good wishes . We are waiting now to coordinate the cardiologist, gastro guys -one here and one in NYC who did the procedure, surgeon, primary doctor, OR, hospital room and  an assortment of  others, so that they can remove the stone, stent and gall bladder.  Hopefully this will happen soon – John who is always patient, it turns out is not so patient as a patient. Perhaps because he has been one so seldom and this, he has found, is frustrating.

     I look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday. I am going to take pix and I will put them here on the blog as soon as I can.

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