Diane is a GEM!!  The festival on the 17th was quite wonderful. Stacey Balkun and Zach Lichtmann, reading for ELR, were wonderful – new voices for many of the people there.  It is great when we are exposed to the young and fresh new writers, and these two did a good job of bringing their new voices to us.  Thanks to both of you! There are pictures of the event posted on my face book page.

     Diane’s Poetry Party on Sunday at the Huddle Inn – lots of fun. There were many poets there I had never heard before and that  always makes for a fun time.  Stayed for dinner afterward at the Inn –   had a great hamburger and much good conversation.

     The humor reading at Middletown Library last Thursday – with John, Tony Greunewald, Bob McKenty and Bob Rosenbloom – was very funny!! What more can you ask of a Humor Night!?!

     Don’t miss the Carriage House Reading this month (June 16) – B J Ward and Joe Weil – ok this is a WOW reading.

     On the personal front – we see the surgeon tomorrow and will find out then when John will have the surgery to have the gall bladder removed.  As of now, he is doing very well, feels great and just can’t wait for this to all be over – boy, do I second that!!!

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