It has been really too wet and all this gray makes me sad and lethargic.  And it has been wet!  Every time I think the yard cannot get soggier – it does get soggier.  So, I put all my summer stuff out in the house -turquoise and shells and tea lights in sand. Maybe that will work.

     John will go in for the gall bladder stuff  the end of July (leaving about 2 weeks to recuperate before the cruise) if we can get all the doctors together and happy – I am looking  forward to the time when all this gets to be funny.

     Poetry is winding down for the summer and has been really good of  late – good features and the opens have brought out some fine, young, new voices. Dave Roscos and Tom O were at Barron’s last night – a real blast from the past .  If you are old enough to remember the Melody Bar in the 80’s where it was smoked filled, LOUD, no mike so you had to shout and you were good or out – BUT if someone remembered the title of what you read or a line (even a word or two) of your poem – it was a poetic ego high for days. Dave and Tom started the reading there.

     Tuesday at Carriage House reading in Fanwood – Joe Weil and BJ Ward  are featured.  Again, two of  the  wonderful poets who were (and are)  so generous with their time and help to so many young poets and were so instrumental to my growth as a writer.  Come out and hear them!!!

     It feels great to be writing again – which I am – so hearing all these great poet voices who meant so  much to me is quite a thrill!!

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One Comment on “SUMMER – OH YEAH?”

  1. Emerson Says:

    It’s been a while. I am sorry to hear that John has some challenges I wouldn’t relish but I’ve had my share and keep on ticking and have a lot of faith in the outcome for him. Would like to hear from you about submissions for ELR. No Frost Place this year but I may drive up just to feel the seemingly-ancient vibes again.
    Best to you both,

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