Got home from the cruise to Bermuda yesterday. Missed the hurricane – thank God – did have some rough seas the last day. The whole family was there 13 of us, 8 adults and 5 kids ranging from almost 8 to almost 17. Good weather, little rain but since they spent most of their time in the pool or hot tubs they didn’t really care. Posted pix on facebook if you are connected.  It was the first cruise for most of them – and all agreed they will try one again.

     The cabin was all decorated for our anniversary – thanks to Priscilla and John Leo and one night we returned to the cabin to find it strewn with rose petals!!  Okay!!!

     This has been one GREAT Anniversary! And I have dragged it out for almost a year.

     ELR will be in the mail by next week – it looks really good and there are some wonderful poems it this issue.

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One Comment on “WOW OF A CRUISE”

  1. Laurie Granieri Says:

    So glad you and John were able to celebrate. I know after all you’ve endured this year, both of you truly appreciated the experience, rose petals and all!

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