If you have the same weird sense of  humor that we have – or have been forced to have – you will laugh and not be surprised that I spent the beginning of September in the hospital (where else?). Had congestive heart failure – sounds worse than it is, but it did have all the assorted doctors running around and keeping me in ICU and CCU for a week. Now I have lost 20 pounds (YEA!!!) and am in Physical Therapy for lower back and hip. Just so the health world can continue to spin – John will be going in on the 26th for the gallbladder surgery. We will be very glad to see 2010!!!

     This has been a great month for poetry (check the web site for info on upcoming readings – Linda Radice, Jessica deKoninck, Gloria Healy, Lois Harrod – were all great; Q and D poets reading – as usual full of wonderful poems; ELR reading at South Brunswick Library coming up in Nov. as well as readings by BJ Ward, Laura Boss, Tony Gruenewald, Tammy Paolino and Laurie Granieri all coming up in the next few weeks!!! – a real poetic feast.

     Edison Literary Review Volume 8 is  now available – see web site  to order – or come to the reading November 15th at 2PM in South Brunswick Library. We are now reading for Volume 9 –  the submission guidelines can be found – where else – on the web site..

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