Reading at the South Brunswick Library last Sunday for the Edison LIterary Review was great!!! Many thanks to Hank Kalut, the Library and the South Brunswick Arts Commission for the opportunity.  Tony, John and I were featured – then 8 of the contributors to Volume 8 read their work. Thanks to  Davis Crews, John McDermott, Dorothy McLaughlin, Marilyn Mohr, Bruce Niedt, Nancy Scott, Maddie Tiger and Ann Timmins for sharing with us!

      Went to a Memorial Service for Jack Wiler tonight. Many of his friends and fellow poets read Jack’s work and shared their memories of him. I met Jack at the Frost Place in New Hampshire many years ago. When I was hesitant to start to write some (for me) “different” poems – Jack offered to help me – and did for several years. When you share your new and untested work with someone and ask for feedback – I think  you become very vulnerable – Jack was invaluable in helping me to be more comfortable with the new direction my work seemed to want to take. I am most grateful to him and will miss him.

     It is almost  Christmas – and yes I know not everyone agrees with me here – but it is time for nutcrackers and sparkle and snowmen and bows – so I have started to make my house Christmasy!! How fun!! And so the book will have to wait another week or two before I actually face putting the poems in some order.

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