Ok, decorations are up and cards are mailed – I even wrapped a couple of presents (a rotten task standing on the basement floor with my icky hip/back!!).  The weather has  even turned a little colder – but I can really wait for snow for a while. If I try really hard, I may even be able to slip in some writing soon – why is that the first thing that gets sidelined? Maybe because you  can’t get rejected if you don’t write anything to send out!

     The girls decided our Christmas letter is depressing – I did not mean for it to be – even used two fonts to show the manic/depressive way this year has gone. It really is amazing that when I think about the last 12 months – it is the wonderful ups I think of.  And it is almost Christmas – the TV is filled with the soppiest Christmas movies – that I watch over and over even when they are repeated every other night.  Do you know how many different ways “A Christmas Carol” can be presented?  Never counted them – but do watch them all and cry every time Scrooge yells out that window to the boy who gets the goose.  Ok – I admit it – I am a Christmas NUT!!

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One Comment on “27 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS”

  1. No shame in being a Christmas nut! And I personally have more than 30 presentations of a Christmas Carol in my house, counting books, TV specials, movies, etc.

    The original is still the best.

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