By now you should know – I am a nut for Christmas!!

Sparkle, tinsel, songs,

even hymns, are merry,

the idea of a giver,

silver bells ringing,

a gospel of new beginning,

forest trees lit in living rooms,

candles making the old look fresh.

I know Christmas is the Christian takeover of the pagan winter solstice  celebration and that the real heart of Christian belief is Easter – but Easter is somehow internal, a private reckoning, a personal reconciliation.

Christmas need community!!!

Parties, meals together,

even the awful Christmas letter

to reconnect with people

we never hear from

not Facebook friends

or blog readers

(yes, I write them – this year’s was a real downer!)

So I am a Christmas nut


open fires,

 friends to share a meal,

 nut crackers,

grandkids demanding

continued tradition –

must be a real tree

environmentalists – not on this,

wrapping paper

strewn everywhere –

Grandson Patrick said

“That’s not messy, YiaYia,

that’s Christmas!”

Merry Christmas to you all!

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2 Comments on “I DO LOVE CHRISTMAS”

  1. Adele Kenny Says:

    Beautiful, Gina! Yes, Easter really is a more a “personal reconciliation” and Christmas a community centered “gospel of new beginning.” Thank you, and a blessed and beautiful Christmas to you, John, and your family.

  2. “That’s not messy, that’s Christmas.”


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