John and I will be reading on Monday, January 11, at 7:30 for DVP at Market Fair Barnes and Noble’s  in Princeton (Route 1 S). We have been reading there in January for a couple of years – so this year we have decided to do something new and  each read poems of ours based on the same themes.  It should be fun.

Well Christmas is over  for another year. I know that because I have started to pack Christmas away and vow to finish before we go to Cape May. All Chtristmasy things are down and waiting to be put into boxes. The tree, albeit bare, is still standing. It still smells so good!

I was hoping to send my first blog of 2010 from my brand new lap top. This did not happen – it may take me until 2011 to get used to the non-mouse thingy (I know, it is  a touch pad and it does not puck, or click or much of anything, except skate around the screen seemingly at random).  I will keep practicing and in the meantime, I will get a mouse!  Everyone says I will figure it out.

So, I will enjoy Cape May – I always write there! – work on what I hope will eventually be my first book and look forward to our cruise (end of January) to the WARM Caribbean.  A very good beginning to what we really hope is a NEW Good year.

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2 Comments on “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

  1. Ink Says:

    It was a wonderful reading. Whenever you two are reading close by, I try to make it…and am never disappointed. (also, website looks fantastic!)

    • ginalark Says:

      Thanks – our son set up the website and I am happy with it – so far it seems user friendly which is something I love!! I just tonight found out how to reply to comments on the blog – I may even remember for next time! Again thanks – it was nice to see you at the reading.

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