I am tired of snow – it is no longer even remotely pretty – it is gray mounds of stuff!!

     I had wanted to write this entry on my new notebook while I was on the cruise – that did not happen and I still am not used to the notebook thing. I do now have a wireless mouse so that I don’t have to argue with the wires and did find out that the broadband gadget can go down flat so that I don’t knock it out every time I try to hit the space bar and after several days at sea two of the helpful geek guys at the desk on the ship did figure out how to log on, but by then I was yelling at the machine and decided to postpone writing on it. I’m back to the desk top.

     Cruise was fun – and warm- except for the first 30 hours when there were gale force 9 winds gusting at 75 mph and 20 foot swells. The sea was even grayer than the snow mounds in the malls lots. But the next morning it was calm and so very blue and the water stayed in the pools that instantly filled with people. We visited 6 islands in the Southern Caribbean – Dominica was my favorite, filled with waterfalls and green rain forests and somehow my idea of a tropical island. On the ship, I found a bar that had very few people in the afternoon and I was able to just sit at one of the tables and watch  people strolling by and spend 2 uninterrupted hours writing – WOW – what fun! Got a lot written and some revised and reordered the poems in the book (once again). Speaking of people strolling by – may I just note here that women over 40 and over size extra large, should be VERY cautious of wearing push up bras and low-cut white tees!! I’m just saying….

     Issue 9 of ELR is getting full – Tony will probably say too full and we have so many wonderful poets who have submitted to our Tenth Anniversary Issue (2011) – it promises to be GREAT!!  Next time I will list some of their names – just to tease.

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