Been a while – if you follow facebook – you know:
1 My book is real
2. John has major health problems

BOOK: WHEN THE GODS PLAY HIDE AND SEEK available at Edited a long time to actualy hold this in my hands! Thanks to Jessica and John and
especially Tony – they really were a great help in putting the mms together and walking me through the publishing. It has been quite a journey.

John has a spot on pancreas – could be benign or…not. Will probably have surgery – called Whipple surgery – it sounds, at best, unpleasant – 10 days at Columbia Presbyterian and 6 weeks recovery.

Makes life an emotional roller coaster:
Book high…..
surgery low.
Guess that’s life; will keep you posted.

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4 Comments on “ROLLER COASTER”

  1. Penny Harter Says:

    Dear Gina, congratulations on the book! But I am deeply sorry to hear about John’s health challenge. As you know, I’ve been on that emotional roller-coaster—and remember the stress of not-knowing about Bill while waiting for more than one surgery of his over the years.

    You may have heard that I had a total hysterectomy on 10/28 for very early uterine cancer. Thank God I’m fine, surgery took care of “getting it all” and I need no further treatment. I’m VERY lucky! But the stress of not knowing what they’d fine when they went in—going through that without Bill—was hard.

    And how well I remember the ups and downs of Bill’s various surgeries over the years. Know that I’m there for you if you need to talk. Meanwhile, I’m sending love and prayers both your ways.

    Much love,

    • ginalark Says:

      Dear Penny,

      No, I had not heard about your operation – I so hope you are feeling better – What a time you have had!!!
      I have just figured ut how to read and answer the comments on the blog – I take this computer stuff one (really baby) step at a time. John is so far doing well – but it does seem like walking on quick sand sometimes. I will give you a call if I need to talk (or maybe when I am able to talk) – meanwhile – please feel better!!!
      Thanks for the prayers!
      Love, Gina


    Dear Gina, Been there, don’t that! Suspense hovers around too frequently these years (we’re older than you). I’ll request where it counts that all is well with John. My John is improving, but it’s a long process. Being extra careful of your own strength and health is especially important. The toll can be high for either spouse at such times.
    How do you manage time for a blog? Just keeping up to my emails is exhausting. I’m looking forward to resuming DVP readings and our workshops. This has been the longest I’ve ever missed in 30 years; they were painting at the library. Am I hooked or what?!?

    I’ll worry with you … Blessings, Jean

    • ginalark Says:

      Dear Jean,

      I. too, am looking forward to going to DVP again. I just figured out how to read and answer comments on the blog – and in truth, I am not sure how I did it!

      I hope we will see each other soon!!

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