Doctors at Columbia Presbyterian convened this morning and have suggested that we watch for 6 months then do another MRI and Endoscopy. This  has taken most of the day to process – maybe we really can breath for a while. Doctors saw little to indicate that this was cancerous (except the one huge CEA number) but should keep an eye on it. Maybe tomorrow this will sink in – I did unpack the suitcase I has packed for the 10 day stay after the operation.

Reading tonight strange – 4 or 5 in the audience (2 young children who were very bored) and none of whom seemed to want to be there or didn’t know why they were there.  Interesting, but very strange.  This was the first reading after a 4 month hiatus – so maybe word had not gotten out (no publicity that I could tell).  We put it on FB and email. Also, it is at 6PM which is early for a lot of people.

Did force me to do some revisions – sometimes revising puts me on the path to generate new work (much more fun than revision – even though a so-so 2nd draft beats a sh…y 1st draft).  What “pushes you to create new work??

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One Comment on “ONE ROUND OVER”

  1. Gail Gerwin Says:

    One reading — attendance included the person who’d arranged it, her husband, her secretary, and me. We sat in a circle and I shared new poems. Good practice for good company. Looking forward to seeing your book, Gina.
    I’m glad to hear about John and the news seems promising. I hope for the very best news in six months.

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