I Think I am Angry

Does anyone else remember a book? policy? from Rove – a plan for total Republican take over of government?


  • ID required to vote (target students, minorities, etc)
    Weaken unions
    Tax breaks/cuts for corporations and billionaires

     All diminish the # of those who vote Democratic

  • Load Supreme Court
    In emergency, dissolve local  government (towns, cities) (MI)
    In emergency, nullify whatever law they diagree with (ME)
  • Governor can declare an emergency for whatever.

     Smaller Government??

Social Issues:

  1. No gay marriage
  2. Anti public education (Yay vouchers) – blame teacher – especially if their union didn’t back you (NJ)

Family Values:

  1. No abortion
  2. No planned parenthood – therefore less availability of birth control info (Viagra = A OKAY)

All women’s issues – nb most teachers are women – see above

Maybe “they” learned from Newt – they are so patriotic ergo so tired ergo need adultery ( to feel better? be more patriotic?). It’s okay they have a new wife, C Street, and God’s forgiveness.

Does God forgive lying ads (paid for by the above corporations and billionaires the Supreme Court declared didn’t have to become public with donations):

  1. Kerry
  2. Birth certificate (lack thereof)
  3. Muslim-by-name
  4. Union workers earn 42% more than non-union workers
  5. Death panels
  6. Socialism (please define)
  7. Social Security is an entitlement
  8. What global warming?
  9. What evolution?

Health coverage – (Obamacare, socialized medicine..) will leave deficit for kids to pay for in the future. (How can they if they have to work til they are 80 to pay for the environmental problems we don’t have and the oil we have so much of – drill baby drill) –

Why aren’t more people angry?

If $ men can destroy the middle class and  ignore or fail the elderly and lowest income groups – and be paid to do so  –

Why aren’t more people angry?

If state government can dissolve a city or nullify a law they don’t like; if the federal government can tap phones and email, declare war without telling Congress, lie about WMD’s – and not be prosecuted –

Why aren’t more people angry?

If Republicans stand for smaller government , why is dictatorial state government ok?
If tax cuts for wealthy have not yielded jobs yesterday or today – why will it tomorrow?

If repeating lies doesn’t mean we need stronger education and more teachers?

Why aren’t more people angry?

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3 Comments on “I Think I am Angry”

  1. Deborah laveglia Says:

    Gina, You are right, right, right!!!

    Also, the younger people are going to be paying off astronomical student loans. I watched an interview yesterday on MSNBC with an author (sorry, forgot his name)who said the reason why all college tuition is sky rocketing is because the colleges/university’s can get away with it. Graduate loans are now going to start accruing interest immediately, instead of after graduation.

    My heart truly goes out to the young ones, with all they are going to have to deal with and pay for.

    Thanks for your rant. It is much needed. We should all be ranting about these very important issues.

    • ginalark Says:

      ok – I just figured out how to read and answer the comments on the blog – I take this computer stuf one very baby step at a time!!

      Ok 24 hours have passed and I am still angry!!

  2. I am not angry because I disagree with, amongst other things, the characterization of those in the upper income brackets in any one year as “millionaires”. By attacking those who happened to have had a good year, the Democrats raise greater barriers of entry to becoming a millionaire and thus make being a millionaire even more of a closed club than it already is. Worse, escaping from debt also becomes problematic when “hitting it big” can’t help you. Now, if you had mentioned how none of these politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, took up Huey Long’s “Share the Wealth” program, you might have gotten me riled up.

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