What music do you listen to over and over? Why this genre?

John (son) posted that during his youth, I was always playing the one song I liked most at the time over and over and over….(“Slow Hands” is still embedded in his head).

Patrick (grandson), phenomenal drummer at 13, said he only likes rock and heavy metal and not any other genre. I asked him to send me a list of 5 reasons why this music was what he liked and what it was about music that make him choose this. He hasn’t done this yet and I thought why do I like certain music enough to play it over and over.

1 Music must make me want to move – I danced most of my life and I need to feel like dancing when the music plays: Tchaikovsky; the BeeGees; disco; almost any waltz; New Orleans jazz (I do all housework with this).

2. Lyrics: I am drawn to works that say things I agree with – 60’s folk and protest songs; some love songs; music from the 40’s; a lot of Billy Joel (“My life”).

3. It reminds me of a special time or place – “our song” (Autumn Leaves) ; songs from WWII that my aunts played on the victrola; beginnings of rock – Elvis, Buddy…; Glenn Miller (that dancing thing again).

4. Music that surrounds me – pulls me in and shuts out everything else – Vivaldi or almost anything Baroque; a capello groups; good Gregorian Chant.

If I had an Ipod, this is the kind of music I would put on it – but I don’t have an Ipod and I would need one that allowed me to play the one piece of music I was into at the moment over and over.

What makes you listen to music (or a particular piece or genre of music) over and over?

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