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April may be Poetry Month – but locally, May and June are filled with words! Diane’s Girl Fest and Journal Festival – both wonder days!  David Crews and Jessica deKoninck read for the ELR and did a great job.  Check the web site ( for pictures.  Maybe June seems full of readings, because many venues close for the summer. DVP (now at a new place – Borders on Rte 1 S in Princeton), Barron’s and Dublin House brave the heat and continue their series in July and August.


Sunday, July 11  2 PM

Dublin House

Red Bank, NJ

John and Tony and I will be featured and hopefully many of the contributors to the issue will come and read in the Open

Father’s Day and John’s 75th birthday fall on the same day this year and after horror of 2009 healthwise – this is truly a day to celebrate.  Nest time I will share the celebration.


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     This is an exciting time for ELR – lots of news to share:


     Diane has once again invited us to be a  part of this great day!

         Sunday, May 16     1 to 5 PM

        West Caldwell Library

         West Caldwell, N. J.

Check out all the details at

         David Crews and Jessica deKoninck will be reading for us that day – this is a wonderful day of poetry and gathering of  info about local journals, meet the editors and ask all those questions that have bothered you about submitting your own work.  It is a day to meet new people and to reconnect with old friends!!  Hope to see you there!


     Vol. 9 will be available at the

     River Read Reading Series

     July 11     2 to 5PM

     Dublin House

      Red Bank, N. J.

John and Tony and I will be reading and it would be great to see as many of you as possible there to read in the Open!!  Check out the web site:   for more info and we will update as the time gets nearer – let me know if you will be able to attend!!


     Adele has a new poetry blog –

Now for a personal ad:  I HAVE  TWO POEMS IN ONLINE MAGS IN MAY   Issue #20     Friday Buckets – first Friday in May

Check them out – they are nice places for poetry – hope you enjoy the reads.

National Poetry Month was full of great readings and prompts and writing – it is always rather sad to reach the end of  this creative time – but  hopefully we can hold on to the motivation for a while longer !!


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     I may even think of this week as Easter – it is warm!!! and there is only enough rain to make things grow.  All my indoor plants are yearning to be out on the porch – may I add – so am I!!!

     Tomorrow we will share supper with both daughters and their children – for me a wonderous sign of  Resurrection. I will miss my son and his daughter – but they will be there in our hearts – which also speaks of  Resurrection


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   Reading at Princeton Library was fun. Somehow bouncing poems and themes off each other makes the reading even better. Weather was beautiful – almost too nice to be inside – but the poetry  and audience response was warm and springlike and fun.

   With any luck, the 48 year old tree that blew down in the last storm will be turned into mulch tomorrow. It is strange to look over and see a very different landscape than the one we have been looking at for almost half a century. Maybe Kilmer had a point (despite the sing-song) – this tree was the one where all the birds met and sang in the sunrise. Blue jays, mourning doves and a couple of species I never did identify nested there each year.  Made for a “mess” on the cars – the tree overhung the driveway – but I miss the welcome they gave us each time we got in and or out of the car – even at midnight (but then they were scolding). I guess saying goodbye is always a little strange and sad.


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     Wind and rain and wind and more rain!!!! Ok, it’s not snow but – dang! Blew down the VERY large cedar tree next to the house. The tree gracefully fell directly between our house and the neighbor’s and hit no wires, no air conditioners, no windows. It was 48 years old and taller than the house so it now sits across the back fence and covers the path to the garbage can – but then it’s hard to make garbage since  all the water has to be boiled so I’m not cooking nor washing dishes. Oh well! Tomorrow it is supposed to be 56 degrees!!


             John and I will be reading with Adele and John Bourne

               “Poets Married to Poets” ; US1 Poets Invites Series

             Princeton Library, 65 Witherspoon St.

            Wednesday, March 24       7:30PM

    Would be great to see you there if you can make it.



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     It snowed again – ok only a little – a few inches – but it is snow and stores were closed (including  hair salons!).  Ok – we did get out to meet  our daughter for dinner tonight – but it is more snow! And more is predicted for Wednesday, another coastal storm. And still they won’t believe in climate change!


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    I am tired of snow – it is no longer even remotely pretty – it is gray mounds of stuff!!

     I had wanted to write this entry on my new notebook while I was on the cruise – that did not happen and I still am not used to the notebook thing. I do now have a wireless mouse so that I don’t have to argue with the wires and did find out that the broadband gadget can go down flat so that I don’t knock it out every time I try to hit the space bar and after several days at sea two of the helpful geek guys at the desk on the ship did figure out how to log on, but by then I was yelling at the machine and decided to postpone writing on it. I’m back to the desk top.

     Cruise was fun – and warm- except for the first 30 hours when there were gale force 9 winds gusting at 75 mph and 20 foot swells. The sea was even grayer than the snow mounds in the malls lots. But the next morning it was calm and so very blue and the water stayed in the pools that instantly filled with people. We visited 6 islands in the Southern Caribbean – Dominica was my favorite, filled with waterfalls and green rain forests and somehow my idea of a tropical island. On the ship, I found a bar that had very few people in the afternoon and I was able to just sit at one of the tables and watch  people strolling by and spend 2 uninterrupted hours writing – WOW – what fun! Got a lot written and some revised and reordered the poems in the book (once again). Speaking of people strolling by – may I just note here that women over 40 and over size extra large, should be VERY cautious of wearing push up bras and low-cut white tees!! I’m just saying….

     Issue 9 of ELR is getting full – Tony will probably say too full and we have so many wonderful poets who have submitted to our Tenth Anniversary Issue (2011) – it promises to be GREAT!!  Next time I will list some of their names – just to tease.