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John and I will be reading on Monday, January 11, at 7:30 for DVP at Market Fair Barnes and Noble’s  in Princeton (Route 1 S). We have been reading there in January for a couple of years – so this year we have decided to do something new and  each read poems of ours based on the same themes.  It should be fun.

Well Christmas is over  for another year. I know that because I have started to pack Christmas away and vow to finish before we go to Cape May. All Chtristmasy things are down and waiting to be put into boxes. The tree, albeit bare, is still standing. It still smells so good!

I was hoping to send my first blog of 2010 from my brand new lap top. This did not happen – it may take me until 2011 to get used to the non-mouse thingy (I know, it is  a touch pad and it does not puck, or click or much of anything, except skate around the screen seemingly at random).  I will keep practicing and in the meantime, I will get a mouse!  Everyone says I will figure it out.

So, I will enjoy Cape May – I always write there! – work on what I hope will eventually be my first book and look forward to our cruise (end of January) to the WARM Caribbean.  A very good beginning to what we really hope is a NEW Good year.


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 By now you should know – I am a nut for Christmas!!

Sparkle, tinsel, songs,

even hymns, are merry,

the idea of a giver,

silver bells ringing,

a gospel of new beginning,

forest trees lit in living rooms,

candles making the old look fresh.

I know Christmas is the Christian takeover of the pagan winter solstice  celebration and that the real heart of Christian belief is Easter – but Easter is somehow internal, a private reckoning, a personal reconciliation.

Christmas need community!!!

Parties, meals together,

even the awful Christmas letter

to reconnect with people

we never hear from

not Facebook friends

or blog readers

(yes, I write them – this year’s was a real downer!)

So I am a Christmas nut


open fires,

 friends to share a meal,

 nut crackers,

grandkids demanding

continued tradition –

must be a real tree

environmentalists – not on this,

wrapping paper

strewn everywhere –

Grandson Patrick said

“That’s not messy, YiaYia,

that’s Christmas!”

Merry Christmas to you all!


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     Ok, decorations are up and cards are mailed – I even wrapped a couple of presents (a rotten task standing on the basement floor with my icky hip/back!!).  The weather has  even turned a little colder – but I can really wait for snow for a while. If I try really hard, I may even be able to slip in some writing soon – why is that the first thing that gets sidelined? Maybe because you  can’t get rejected if you don’t write anything to send out!

     The girls decided our Christmas letter is depressing – I did not mean for it to be – even used two fonts to show the manic/depressive way this year has gone. It really is amazing that when I think about the last 12 months – it is the wonderful ups I think of.  And it is almost Christmas – the TV is filled with the soppiest Christmas movies – that I watch over and over even when they are repeated every other night.  Do you know how many different ways “A Christmas Carol” can be presented?  Never counted them – but do watch them all and cry every time Scrooge yells out that window to the boy who gets the goose.  Ok – I admit it – I am a Christmas NUT!!


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     Check the web site (edisonliteraryreview.org) for photos of the reading. Tony Gruenewald took them – great job!


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     Reading at the South Brunswick Library last Sunday for the Edison LIterary Review was great!!! Many thanks to Hank Kalut, the Library and the South Brunswick Arts Commission for the opportunity.  Tony, John and I were featured – then 8 of the contributors to Volume 8 read their work. Thanks to  Davis Crews, John McDermott, Dorothy McLaughlin, Marilyn Mohr, Bruce Niedt, Nancy Scott, Maddie Tiger and Ann Timmins for sharing with us!

      Went to a Memorial Service for Jack Wiler tonight. Many of his friends and fellow poets read Jack’s work and shared their memories of him. I met Jack at the Frost Place in New Hampshire many years ago. When I was hesitant to start to write some (for me) “different” poems – Jack offered to help me – and did for several years. When you share your new and untested work with someone and ask for feedback – I think  you become very vulnerable – Jack was invaluable in helping me to be more comfortable with the new direction my work seemed to want to take. I am most grateful to him and will miss him.

     It is almost  Christmas – and yes I know not everyone agrees with me here – but it is time for nutcrackers and sparkle and snowmen and bows – so I have started to make my house Christmasy!! How fun!! And so the book will have to wait another week or two before I actually face putting the poems in some order.


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     Okay – no one said it would be easy – BUT it is time for a breath break! John is home and doing well – still not back to normal, but getting there. Car will probably be fixed on Monday and meanwhile we have a loaner.

     I am actually putting together a book (not for the first time) and I still find this a crazy ride – I am never sure of  theme (or lack thereof) so it is often a surprise when it eventually comes together – much like a poem, I suppose. Haven’t gotten to the surprise yet – so all is still up for grabs.  This makes for an interestingly icky feeling. That last is a poetic term for who the heck knows; so bite the bullet and go for it.  Anyone who has hints, suggestions, helps for pulling a manuscript together – PLEASE share them with me.

     Meanwhile great readings continue. If you are not on Peter Murphy’s email list of readings – or NJ Poetry Calendar – or one of  the other sources of information – check them out (I know I have not listed even most of them – if you know of others please let me know!!).





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     If you have the same weird sense of  humor that we have – or have been forced to have – you will laugh and not be surprised that I spent the beginning of September in the hospital (where else?). Had congestive heart failure – sounds worse than it is, but it did have all the assorted doctors running around and keeping me in ICU and CCU for a week. Now I have lost 20 pounds (YEA!!!) and am in Physical Therapy for lower back and hip. Just so the health world can continue to spin – John will be going in on the 26th for the gallbladder surgery. We will be very glad to see 2010!!!

     This has been a great month for poetry (check the web site for info on upcoming readings – edisonliteraryreview.org). Linda Radice, Jessica deKoninck, Gloria Healy, Lois Harrod – were all great; Q and D poets reading – as usual full of wonderful poems; ELR reading at South Brunswick Library coming up in Nov. as well as readings by BJ Ward, Laura Boss, Tony Gruenewald, Tammy Paolino and Laurie Granieri all coming up in the next few weeks!!! – a real poetic feast.

     Edison Literary Review Volume 8 is  now available – see web site  to order – or come to the reading November 15th at 2PM in South Brunswick Library. We are now reading for Volume 9 –  the submission guidelines can be found – where else – on the web site..